Inflection Point 1:1

Why Inflection Point?

Inflection Point 1:1 empowers you to seize your career inflection points, create the necessary space and take a disciplined, personalized and practical approach to these important decisions.

The Inflection Point 1:1 program provides the expert resources you need to identify and pursue a career that best serves your life.

Who Can Benefit?



All leaders can benefit.

Your mindset is the critical factor, including your enthusiasm to learn about yourself, take control of your career and thrive as a motivating leader who builds healthy teams and achieves outstanding results.  


Mid-Career Professionals

You have deep experience, perspective and self knowledge. Yet many at this career stage feel 'stuck' in what they're doing - uncertain of the options they can or want to consider.  Working with Inflection Point you can thoughtfully envision how the next  15 - 20 years of your work-life can unfold for maximum satisfaction. 



You're reflecting on your current role and the obvious path forward - including whether this allows time to pursue broader passions and goals. You may also be navigating life changes like the 'empty nest’ stage, moving forward from a challenging health experience and more...

Whatever your motivation, Inflection Point will support you in defining your path forward - providing you with greater clarity, joy and satisfaction.  

Young Professionals

Young Professionals (3 - 7 years into your career)

You're highly educated with a strong industry platform, but want to evaluate whether the mountain you're climbing serves your overall life. 

Invest in envisioning how you want your career to unfold - identifying and considering your values, purpose and practical needs. 


New Parents 

Evaluating your current role, work/life management and additional career options is invaluable in the context of this wonderful and demanding new life chapter.

This is a critical time to reflect on and clarify your values, practical needs and overall life goals.  Your career should serve your broader life vision.  


Late Career Professionals

Are you seeking greater purpose and control in your work at this career stage? Perhaps looking at 'downsizing' your role to allow time for other passions?  Considering a combination of paid and volunteer activities that meet your needs at this point?

Inflection Point 1:1 can support you in realizing an energizing plan forward - making this career chapter enriching and meaningful. 


Your Inflection Point 1:1 Program will be tailored to you, including some or all of the following:

Questionnaires, resources and reflection work

Developed from 2 decades of industry experience and the rich resources of the Ivey LIFT and Essential Impact Coaching programs.

Everything DiSC Insights

Everything DiSC tools and the results debrief will support you to better understand your motivations, strengths and areas for development. There are a range of Everything DiSC tools available to us, including those focused on leadership skills, team dynamics, emotional intelligence, managing conflict and deepening sales effectiveness.

1:1 Coaching Meetings

Where breakthroughs happen. Through our coaching dialogue you will identify, analyze, vision and detail the steps needed to reach your career goals - in ways that serve your broader life goals.

“Your Path”  Document

This executive summary will be co-created through the 1:1 coaching sessions, to crystallize for ongoing reference your learnings, insights and potential actions. Through putting the work in, you can leave the process with clarity: identifying moves, understanding your values and detailing how you can practically bring your vision to life.

Targeted Needs

Inflection Point 1:1 is also available for more discrete, immediate needs. Examples include considering a new opportunity, dealing with a challenging leader, work/life management concerns, returning from a maternity/paternity or other leave, dealing with structural changes at work etc.