Inflection Point
Talent Management

Success starts and ends with the people on your team.
The ability to attract, retain, develop and motivate the top people in your industry is vital. You need to invest in this outcome  - now more than ever. 
Effective leaders are deeply connected to their teams' experience and evolving needs -  identifying and optimizing opportunities that this global inflection point provides. They will use this window in time to elevate their organization's culture and talent management systems - including better attracting, retaining and supporting the success of our Millennial and Gen-Y colleagues.
The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting and other complex challenges of this Back to Office chapter are real. Effective leaders will identify and seize the opportunities, innovating for greater success. 

Inflection Point empowers leaders with the discipline, tools and trusted advisor expertise to enable outstanding teams and results. 
Relying on 2 decades of talent management experience at top private and public institutions, along with world-class Leadership Coach training, I will partner with you to articulate clear, actionable talent management plans for this next chapter in your organization's success.

Consultations are driven by the unique realities of your organization. A range of tools and deliverables are available, including: 

Culture Assessment & Recommendations

Accomplished via 1:1 interviews, broader team engagement, reviewing business plans, performance management systems and other internal tools. 

Team Workshops

Inflection Point develops and delivers team workshops to foster stronger connection, collaboration, communication and productivity for your team.

Everything DiSC Applications

As an Authorized Partner with Everything DiSC (Wiley publishing) we can leverage their suite of tools: from improving leadership team effectiveness to overall team relationships, and/or transforming destructive conflict into productive collaborations.  This will ground our work in objective data, relied upon by Fortune 500 companies and supported by 40+ years of research-backed assessment.

Trusted Advisor Expertise

I will invest the time to get to know your unique organization: the people, history, market, goals, issues and opportunities. This will often include reviewing and analyzing key internal documentation, engaging in confidential discussions with a range of stakeholders, and ultimately delivering  actionable recommendations on the identified goals.

Collaborate with Inflection Point to create an outstanding talent management program for your organization.